Conferência, Masterclass e Aulas com o Prof.Martijn Van Iterson

Conferência: “Improvisation in Minor Chords”
dia 02 de Março às 12h00, sala 0.41

Masterclass de Música de Conjunto
dia 02 de Março às 14h00, sala 0.67

Aulas Individuais de Guitarra Jazz
dia 02 de Março às 15h30, sala 0.67
dia 03 de Março às 14h00, sala 1.10


Martijn Van Iterson

● 1970 Born on July 11th, Leiden, the Netherlands.
● 1977 Picked up a guitar for the very first time.
● 1979 Started taking private guitar lessons.
● 1982 Started playing Jazz.
● 1988-1993 Studied at the ​Hilversum Conservatory​ with ​Wim Overgaauw.
● 1989 One of the 3 finalists of the ​Pall Mall Swing Award​ which was broadcasted at
primetime on Dutch National TV.
● 1990 One of the 5 finalists of ​Cultuurprijs de Belofte​ ( live broadcast on National TV).
● 1994 Won the ​Heineken Crossover Award​ as a member of the band ​All The King’s
● 1994-present Teaches jazzguitar at the ​Amsterdam Conservatory.
● 1995 Won ​NCRV’s Popslag​ as a member of the band A​ ll The King’s Men.
● 1998 Release of his first album as a leader called ​It’s Happening​.
● 2000-2010 Teaches jazzguitar at the ​Royal Conservatory of Antwerp​ in Belgium.
● 2004 Release of his album ​The Whole Bunch​ with the ​Martijn van Iterson Quartet​.
● 2004 Won the ​Bird Award in the category Artist Deserving Wider Recognition​ at the
North Sea Jazz Festival.
● 2005 His album ​The Whole Bunch​ was ranked 11th on the ​​ charts.
● 2005 His compositions ​The Whole Bunch​ and ​Song for Niels​ were published in
​The​ ​European Realbook​.
● 2006 Release of his album ​Streetwise​ with the ​Martijn van Iterson Quartet.
● 2007-present Teaches jazzguitar at the ​Royal Conservatoire The Hague.
● 2009 Won the ​Edison Award​ (Dutch Grammy) with the Ilja Reijngoud Quartet for the
album ​The Shakespeare Album featuring Fay Claassen.
● 2009 Performed his composition ​Smokin’ in the Backyard​ with the Jazz Orchestra of
the Concertgebouw at the Chinese ​National Center for Performing Arts​ in Beijing.
● 2010-present Member of ​The Jazzorchestra Of The Concertgebouw​.
● 2012 Won the ​Laren Jazz Award​.
● 2014 Release of his fourth album as a leader : ​Swarms​.
● 2016 Wins the German ​Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik​ for the album Live at
the Amsterdam Concertgebouw with Fay Claassen and Trio Peter Beets.


Detalhe de Evento

02/03/2020 12:00
Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa - salas 0.41, 0.67 e 1.10


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